What is The Ancient Order of Druids?

We are a fraternal, benevolent society whose main aim is to raise money for local and national charities. Some of our beneficiaries have been The Ghurkas, Bosom Pals and the Thanet Autistic Zone, all of which have received over £1000 as a result of our fundraising.

You're those guys who wear antlers and funny hats and dance round trees!

That's the standard question about the Druids.... We are a society of civilized gentlemen who like to discuss anything apart from religion or politics, and not come to blows over it. We also raise money for various charities. If you are interested in joining us, please come into our social club in Percy Road, Cliftonville and chat to one of the Brothers, or use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

What is Druidism?

It's a voluntary association and a way of life.

It's a fraternal society.

It's neither a religion nor a creed.

It teaches “The Golden Rule” and seeks to make better men.

It encourages morality through symbolism.

It uses ritual and ceremony to instruct its members.

It's based on the firm belief in the brotherhood of man and the immortality of the soul.

It teaches tolerance of mankind.

It consists of men bound together by bonded friendship.

It is universally applicable throughout the world.

It dictates to no man as to his belief, either religious or secular.

It does not conceal its existence, it is not a secret society.

It teaches love and kindness in the home.