Peter was born in east London and was just five years old when war was declared with Germany. Although temporarily evacuated he spent most of the war in and around London and many of his early childhood memories were of watching British and German aircraft duelling in the skies near his home and of playing in bombed out ruins. Later he watched the V1 “doodlebug” flying bombs passing overhead on their way to London.

The war over, Peter completed his education and then tried various occupations. In all of these he was considered immaculately dressed as his father was a tailor and made several suits for him at a time when most men thought themselves well off if they had one.

Peter was eventually called up for National Service in the Royal Air Force. This he loved as, although he was never flying crew, being far too tall for that, he was around aeroplanes in an era when the Royal Air Force was going through the transition from propeller driven to jet aircraft and many experimental types were to be seen. He also got to fly as a passenger in several different types.

His National Service over, Peter then joined the Metropolitan Police, where his adventures were many and varied and he would come to meet many famous and infamous people. He was even posted, for a time to Clarence House, then the home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, whom he came to know and greatly admired. Also, during his police service, he was married for the first time and his wife bore him a son.

After retiring from the Police, Peter tried various occupations, including estate agent and hotelier and also dabbled in used furniture and cars. He, in fact, owned a huge variety of cars over the years, some of them rare, few of them new and none of them kept for longer than a few months.

In 1990 Peter married his second wife, Marion, whom he loved dearly and, with whom, he was to spend the happiest times of his life, touring Britain and Europe in a motor caravan and discovering many fascinating places. When Marion fell ill with cancer Peter devoted himself to nursing her until her death, which left him devastated.

Peter was a long-standing, much loved and respected brother of the AOD. He rose to Archdruid, in which role he led St. Aethelbyrht lodge on a number of occasions, and served on the then Board of General Purposes.

He will be very much missed.